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This Unique Process:

This approach is designed for leaders going through periods of ACUTE CHANGE.  “Acute Change” is a polite term for saying, “things feel awful right now.”  Is the organization where you work expanding, shrinking or going through rapid change?  Are you an entrepreneur, a physician, a nurse or a visionary leader craving a way to get back to the basics of your practice?   Sometimes caregivers, leaders and health care practitioners report feeling feel fake, when they are so busy helping so many others while their own life feels like a mess.

Where do you turn for confidential support?

Two fundamental transformational experiences shape this unique approach to consulting with executives and emerging leaders.  If you appreciate these two traditions then this approach for you.


Just as lives are being transformed when our loved ones die, leadership and organizational practices are being rapidly transformed by the rate of change in the 21st century.    Some ways of thinking and working need to die and other ways need to be re-invigorated.  As with hospice, the value of an INTERDISCIPLINARY team serving each unique patient as the center of care is key.  Using this approach, a customized assessment will identify your unique strengths and support you in identifying ways you may serve as the conductor of your own personal and professional maturation and growth.

Within this approach of conducting your own development, these are the different perspectives we include to address your needs:

  • Spirituality
  • Life Coaching
  • Mental Health
  • Holistic Business Practices


Another premise employed is to set aside a customized period of time for personal and professional development in order for you to polish your TRUE SELF, the source of bold vision, values and courageous actions.  At times the fog of the FALSE SELF (i.e. worry, confusion and fear) is so thick we all need tools to cut to the truth at core to see what is ours to do next.

These customized programs of personal and professional development have been designed for busy executives working full time, caregivers focusing on family needs, entrepreneurs building new approaches, students and people turning periods between work into a full-time sabbatical.   Your period of self development may be for as short as thirty days and has been utilized for up to three years and beyond.  You may align a program where you are speaking with an expert once a week or once a day.   This approach is for those times  when you are primed to jump into “light speed” toward a new level of work and adventure.


Our motto is taken from Star Trek: “to boldly go where no one has gone before.”   Witnessing the ways your life and work are transformed through these customized programs is this teams greatest joy.  Among your talented crew of experts are well respected professionals who have witnessed thousands of lives changed in heroic and inspirational ways.  Here is how it works:

1.  SELF ASSESSMENT SESSION:  This is completed after a brief 20 minute introductory conversation and after you complete a self assessment survey.  This session stands stands alone since you may use the recommendations coming from this session to customize you own plan or you may move forward to complete the remaining components of this framework.  The baseline scores you give yourself on this assessment will also guide you along a path toward making progress in the months to come.

2. INITIAL INTEGRATION SESSION:  This is where you contract with Desired Outcomes to establish a customized long-term contract of services with each member discipline reviewed below.

3.  MONTHLY, WEEKLY OR DAILY SESSIONS:  This is where you meet with each discipline that has been contracted to serve you during the integration session.

4.  INTEGRATION SESSIONS:  This is where you meet again with your initial consultant to connect the work of each discipline and you may also meet with several members of the team at once.  A final integration session is held at the end of your contract where you as the CONDUCTOR of your own development share a summary of outcomes in partnership with all the members of your crew that we’ve assembled here.

(Note: If your contract is sponsored by an organization or leader then they are included in some of the integration sessions as well.)

About The Team:  Access To 4 + Disciplines

Our Purpose: To MAXIMIZE your Strengths and to REMOVE any barriers to your professional excellence.

This team is bold.  We have expertise doing what it takes to support you in achieving the Desired Outcome(s) you’ve identified during your INITIAL ASSESSMENT and INTEGRATION SESSIONS.

Here are the disciplines and the lead consultant of each area:


Within this approach communication skills and personal effectiveness are linked with emotional and mental well being.  Since some of us have barriers with anything from anxiety to nervous communication patterns there is a member of your team that helps you access evidenced based practices and mindfulness techniques to build on your strengths and to address any barriers to your personal and professional effectiveness.  At the very least this consultation helps you integrate your family story into your professional story and to identify ways you may better utilize local experts.

Dan Long, MSSW leads this discipline.   Dan is a mental health professional with expertise with executives removing barriers in their speech, presentation and personal effectiveness patterns.   He is a Comprehensive Child and Family Treatment  (CCFT) specialist who has received awards for pioneering efforts to employ animal assisted interactions (AAI) to explore the healing bond between humans and animals while working with PTSD with veterans and others facing grief.   His clinical and scholarly explorations have led to a proposal be accepted to speak at an international conference in Sydney, Australia.   As a classically trained musician and actor his approach to life has been influenced by the Alexander Technique used by world-class performers and other whole body experiences that release stress and trauma so that a leader may become even more effective and engaged.


High performing individuals form a common language with a coach to help help them clarify goals and to support them with a structure for tracking progress.  This discipline provides an arena for you to re-organize some patterns of thinking that may have around goals not being FUN that may be preventing you from taking action that is aligned with your own values.

Flame Schroeder leads this team.  As a Professionally Certified Coach she combines her precision for business goals and teamwork that she has demonstrated within large world-class operations and  small family run business.  She brings to you a big heart for demonstrating the essentials of life such as being both a well respected professional and a loving parent.  How you will balance both work and home is greatly enhanced by your initial session with her and the coach you and her will personally pick to be at your side.


For some people the realm of spirituality is the same as religious dogma.  Whether it’s the practice of Yoga, Christian Contemplation, working the Twelve Steps or a combination of approaches that work for you, this playful optional phone support group and one-on-one sessions are designed to kick-start a mindful centering practice that is natural but was often side aside during childhood.

Paula Cellar and Patrick Davis both lead this team.  Paula is a courageous woman who has worked as a licensed mental health therapist and who as guided and coached thousands of individuals to follow their intuition as they strengthen a relationship with their own spirit or teal self.  She has managed living with two disabilities while being an independent consultant to many successful business leaders and spiritual adventurers.   As with the discipline of Communication and Personal Effectiveness these sessions enable you to build on the practices you already employ within a approach that speaks to your heart and to explore local supportive options that meet your needs.  An added bonus is Paula’s expertise as a mental health professional.  Her laughter is as generous as her pointed recommendations that are born from both life experience and having two Masters degrees.


Pamela Winters Smith leads this team.  Pamela has been a leader of progressive approaches for both non-profit and for-profit ventures.  She has contributed her time and talents to cutting edge approaches both nationally and internationally that explore the integration of head and heart in business practices.  Her holistic approach to seeing your business and life as a reflection of your Teal Self will support and challenge your growth.  Having completed certifications and coursework in many holistic approaches and having served as a leader on all levels of an organization it’s hard to find a topic or an area of business interest that she is not able to support you in addressing.


Based on the results of your SELF ASSESSMENT and feedback from your INTEGRATION SESSIONS, there may be access to other consultants to address the specialized needs of non-profits, board chairs, executives, entrepreneurs and the clinical concerns of nurses, physicians and other disciplines.

More information on all of these experts may be identified during your initial sessions.

About The Founder Patrick Davis, MA




Patrick Davis, MA has spent over 30 years consulting with leaders on all levels of organizations.   His roles have included community organizing, volunteer management, mission integration activities for a regional mental health provider and Director of Spiritual Care for a large health system.   Since going into private practice to build Desired Outcomes, he has longstanding contracts with both individuals and organizations going through acute change.   Patrick serves as an adjunct instructor for a community college and he offers keynotes and workshops for caregivers, leaders, entrepreneurs and for individuals and teams in transition.  As an expert in integrated health care approaches he is enthusiastic about supporting creative solutions to the bold changes being required of all systems.   Today, he lives by the Great Smokey Mountains and supports courageous individuals and innovative organizations that are boldly transforming health and well being in the 21st century.