Testimonials On Presentations:

“Patrick is a masterful presenter.  Our team stands in awe of his ability to capture the class and relate personally to them.  I find his techniques to be clear and relevant.” —Gary George, Director of Hospice House

“Patrick brings a practical, inspiring approach to his audience that inspires change through simple tactics.” —Kortney Hamm, Patient Services Manager The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

“Two of my colleagues heard your SAW presentation and they LOVED IT.  They are going on about how to implement the SAW Method with our clients.” —Teri Echtenkamp, LMHP

Coaching Towards Optimum Performance

At times we all need to be engaged in a creative process that “steps-up our game to the next level.”   As a skilled strategic partner I support, challenge, expand limiting points of view and empower you to craft actions that will optimize outcomes.

Serving as a coach since 1994, I’ve been privileged to see many individuals, teams and organizations optimize performance with coaching tools.   I specialize in coaching both Individuals in Career Transition and Leaders developing teams and new programs.

Our Ultimate Journey: Using The Skills of Compassion To Transform Care

This experience empowers all disciplines and caregivers to demonstrate the 4 essential dimensions of effective healing interactions:


8 C.E.U.’s available, either a day-long retreat format or a 4-part series.

For more information about scheduling a program or for registration information:
Phone 402.933.9393
Download the flyer Ultimate Journey Series June 2011 (PDF)